The Executioner Character Reveal 

The Executioner is the first Character Reveal for the Stage of Dreams Heavy Metal Rock Opera. His actual name won't be mentioned until the unveiling of the first show which is still a ways off though creeping closer. 

The costume was made by Lisa Murphy a well known seamstress and true metal head out of Akron,Ohio.

The White Cross was built by Scott Harrisonan avid music supporter in the Youngstown,Ohio area.

When we posted the above picture on facebook the reactions it received ranged from awesome and love it to creepy as f#$k!!. 

It's kind of tricky introducing a character we can't really say much about at this time. I mean if we did The Stage Master would have our heads. All we can say is he plays a unique and meaningful rule in the Spiritual Universe. When asked what he thought of Phase 1 Contra-Fliction he kind of scoffed and said "The only song worth a damn was Reunion With The Enemy. Just wait til you hear the music from phase 2. Now that's in the ball park of guillotines and screams."


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