Cloud Cover


Cloud Cover was one of those songs I worked on for months and months musically. In the beginning I had a general idea as to how I wanted the song to go but something was missing and I couldn't seem to find the key until two things happened. one was my daughter bought a Fender Marauder guitar. I don't know what it is about that instrument but it feels like magic when I write with it. The other thing that happened was I signed my brother up to play one song with my cover band Haymaker. It was a dream of ours to play on stage together since we were kids. The song we chose to perform was Somebody Save Me by Cinderella. During one of our practices he showed me how he was using bar chords to play parts of the song. I applied the bar chord technique to the Cloud Cover idea and boom!! I found the missing link.

Cloud Cover is the first song on Contra-. I chose to put it first because it didn't sound right to me coming after any of the other songs. Trust me I listened to all of the songs in every possible sequence. As with most of the songs on Contra- and Fliction I spent years singing them on my way to and from work with hopes of some day making them real. If it wasn't for The Stage of Dreams band this song would have never happened. I am very grateful that Shaun, Donnie and Jerry collaborated with me and put the time in to make phase 1 a success.

Another Cloud Cover fact is it is the only music video we've made so far using fan video provided by The Stage of Dreams Stage Crew Group (facebook group). I must say it turned out pretty cool.

If any thing else turns up with Cloud Cover I will write more about it right here. Thanks for reading.

Cloud Cover Video


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