Killer in My Dreams Video


On Friday May 31, 2019 we released a video for our song Killer In My Dreams. We released the video as a YouTube Premier. We also had a get together at a local Pub called JR'Z Pub to celebrate as the Premier launched. We were watching on one of the venues large flat screens and with two minutes to go the youtube count down began. 120 seconds were all that remained until the unveiling of an audio visual work of art that required quite a bit of patience to achieve. We originally started recording the video in mid November. By We I'm referring to myself and Videographers Mike Chach Petrucci and David Caleris. I can't say enough about these guys and their passion and talent for shooting video. After we'd shoot a scene their excitement was contagious and made me feel really good and confident in what we were shooting, especially during the Nightmare scene with all the deer heads hanging on trees and burning torches. Then again these guys have shot a few horror movies so this probably wasn't that strange to them. Funny thing is we were contemplating cancelling the shoot for the nightmare scene due to the rain but beings deer season was going to be starting the following Monday we decided to do the shoot so as not to delay things for several weeks. Wouldn't want to be walking around in the woods during deer season carrying some nice taxidermy. It turned out this was a great decision because the cool rain generated a misty fog in the woods that created a natural effect we wouldn't have had if we didn't do the shoot. Another really neat thing that happened during this shoot was when I was walking with the cross bow and Dave said it would be great if we had some more light, and just then on cue the sun poked through the clouds and shined right on me. Dave and Chach said that was like a message from God and I thought maybe even my dad. Even though we shot in just about any weather the cold put an end to things because there was a lake scene that required the Lake not to be frozen. So waiting out the winter in Northern Ohio/Western Pennsylvania definitely requires a large amount of patience. The Winter added months to our schedule but when it finally broke we shot the camp fire scene. For this part I really wanted to demonstrate the great comradery I experienced through out my youth as I hunted with my Dad, my brother Frankie and friends. My Brother Frankie appears in several of the scenes and I'm so fortunate to have such an amazing person as my brother. Here's a little inside info on my bro, he was always a better shot than me. Now it's in writing,lol. So at this point we are about three quarters of the way done with shooting the various scenes. The lake is no longer frozen and we planned the next shoot. The next day we were all available it was pouring rain so we decide to do the end scenes and honestly I was thinking we should cancel but Dave said let's do it because last time we had rain and didn't cancel it made the shoot better. He was right and the parts after the guitar solo are just so powerful with the rain coming down while I sing All the time I needed you, You were always there. And the next chorus where I'm soaking wet and freezing cold is very fitting at this point in the song. We did have one mostly sunny day where we shot the grave and the lake scene. The timing of the pier shoot was just perfect because as soon as we were done a swarm of boats came in and I imagined how long it would have taken us to wait out all those boats getting off of the water. Sometimes things just work out and that's how the shooting of this entire video for Killer In My Dreams went. From the weather helping us and little things within the video that weren't planned like the little shooting star thing floating around during the silhouette imagery and even in one case where a scene I had envisioned didn't happen. In my original outline there was one chorus where I wanted each Stage of Dreams Band member to play weapons. The bass player would have been using a shot gun for a bass, the guitarist would be using a high powered rifle and the drummer would be playing air drums with a pair of deer antlers but beings no one would show up to do this I figured the video was better off with out this scene. Now after several days of editing and Chach and Dave overcoming some tech issues there we stood surrounded with friends watching the Premier Count down on a large flat screen T.V. in JR'Z Pub. Ten, nine, eight.....One...Show Time!! One of the best parts of this night was just hanging out and getting to know friends who have come out to see our bands so many times. We had several people watching on line too and it felt so good to see the views and comments from everyone who shared their reactions with us. 


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