Our First FM Air Play


Something very cool happened on Friday Night. Our song Reunion with the Enemy was played on WJCU by Legendary DJ Bill Peters on his radio show Metal on Metal.  Bill's show has been on the air every Friday for the last 35 years!!! At this point in time I felt Reunion with the Enemy was our only song that would fit in with his program and I was quite excited when he messaged me saying they we're going to play it. I didn't ask what time he would be playing the song because I figured I would just listen to all 3 hours. When he introduced The Stage of Dreams he stated that it was our debut on his show. In reality it's the first time we were ever played on FM Radio. Hopefully not the last. Anyway my wife Wendy and our son Caden were listening too and when Bill said "I really like that Song" it brought smiles to all of our faces. Bill also told me that our song got a good response so that's the Best news of all. 

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