Phase 1 is influenced by Hard Rock, Blues and a little bit of Metal.


CONTRA-FLICTION - Songs sung about fantasy are not the line walked by the preacher who speaks. One may love the thrill of the hunt, though the kill brings remorse. One may prefer a sober state of mind, though the buzz brings delight. Peace is what one may seek, though vengeance is the response delivered. Desires pitted against what is right and what is needed. Inside an awkward emotional balance, the cost is tallied;  a realization of the price to pay if reality's edge is breached.

Originally Contra-Fliction was going to be one album but plans changed and  we released two separate  5 Song EP'S.

Use the player below to listen to all 10 tracks. 

The Phase 1 band members
Vocals - Daniel Butch
Guitars -  Don Conti
Bass - Jerry Dungan
Drums -Shaun McConnell